CDL Driver Staffing



AA Shield is in a position to take advantage of this market opportunity because of our years of experience in the industry. We worked in the trucking transportation industry for over five years which some of those years were working with staffing agency, so we know very well of the in and outs of the operation. Most of our employees has done over the road (OTR) in the 48 states; ran shuttle pulling drive van or reefer; worked at the port authority transporting containers; local deliveries with 100% touch freight operating lift gates; yard jockeying (switcher); transporting tanker and many more. 

This company is structured like any other temporary staffing agencies. However, we serve clients with needs for select truck driver professionals. We want to stay ahead of cost of doing business by controlling operations while maintaining cost and providing all employees need to remain as productive as possible. Keeping customers happy as well as our employees is key to our primary objective in this business. As we grow we will carefully use company resources such as finances and personnel.